STOP posting & praying on social.
Brand YOURSELF to be consistent & effective !!

You Need a Balanced Branding Strategy
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 Here's How...

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Hey, Balancer!!! My name is Kathryn, and here's the deal... 

I spent YEARS trying to figure out what to post, when to post it and how to interact on social media. 

I had NO IDEA that I was supposed to always speak to and SERVE my target audience.

I thought... "Wait, what?! Who is MY target audience?"  I wasted so much time posting the WRONG things that spoke to the WRONG people. 
I wasted money on running ads that didn't work. I sat in mental struggle for wayyyyy too many hours wondering what I should post next. I didn't feel comfortable posting because I KNEW that I was just throwing random content up on social media and hoping it would "stick".  

I was putting TOO MUCH effort into writing my posts and stories because they didn't always feel authentic to me.

Well, here's what happened... I started hearing about this "Personal Branding" stuff.  I literally disregarded it and thought... 

" Why do I have to brand MYSELF 
if I'm not selling, myself ? "

( Have you thought that too ?? 
If so, don't worry, girl ... 
I won't tell anyone!! )

It wasn't until I took a bigggggg ole step back and started to LISTEN to what I was hearing. I embraced it and began to drip it into my online activities. 

Little by little I began to see RESULTS. 

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DID YOU KNOW? Consistent personal branding is shown to increase revenue by 33%.
You wanna know when it all changed for me? It was when I finally understood that people do business 
with who they... 

My team generated $4M in sales in 2020 and we are on track to reach $6M in 2021. How ?? By showing up the right way.  My team incorporates my branding wisdom in their online strategy... and my income reflects that.  I'm a proud Top 1% earner in my industry.

But back then, I initially thought, "Ok... that's great and all, but HOW will I accomplish those three things simply by posting & interacting on social media?"

Here's what I did... 

1. I hired a coach
 (The investment was HUGE, but I knew I needed help from a Personal Branding expert. I had to invest money to earn it.)

2. I did what she said. 

3. I watched my audience, business & income GROW.

I realized that MY STORY is what I needed to be sharing. 
I needed to get clear on my story and use my platform & voice to share my message. 

When I started posting from a place of authenticity, my audience was able to CONNECT with my MORE, which led to an increased following and higher income

After getting REAL on social and staying consistent with my story, posting was no longer filled with hours of trying to decide WHAT to post and WHEN to post it.  

Instead, my interaction flowed effortlessly and as a result I saved time & money.
DID YOU KNOW? 77% of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding 
what brands they like to support
Question... Does your social media presence feel genuinely AUTHENTIC to you ??

At the end of the day, you want to make an IMPACT

Income i$ nice and all ( umm, Hellllllrrrr!! LOL )... 

However, creating more impact is your LEGACY.  

What mark will you leave?  
What impact will you make?
What will you be known for?

(& perhaps most importantly...) 
Who will you help?

If the answers to these questions don't LITERALLY fall right off the tip of your tongue, then I can 
1,000% guarantee that you're 
not clear on your brand
& here's the ugly truth 
(make sure you're sitting down 
for this one...)

Your audience isn't clear 
on your brand either. 
They are lost. 
You're leaving income & impact 
on the table. 

(   I know...  it punched me in the gut too when I realized this.   )

DID YOU KNOW? 89% of Marketing LEADERS say that brand awareness is their TOP goal and critical to growth.
You wanna hear the good news???   ( "ummmm, YEP!!" )

"Everything is Figureoutable." 

-Marie Forleo  

Don't you just LOVE that quote?

We love it because it's TRUE.

I'm here to tell you that I've created an effectivepowerful course just for YOU.

You have amazing potential to create massive & sustainable growth and I am here to help you get that ball finallllllly rolling. 

My purpose with this course is to HELP YOU...

  • Write your personal story and get CLEAR on your message.
  • Identify your areas of struggle & success to build your X factor & value.
  • Get clear on your Target Audience, making it easier to know what to post.
  • Develop the beginning stages of your PERSONAL BRAND. (Yasssssss, please!)
  • Define your purpose & your Mission Statement.
  • Begin to develop your online strategy to line you up for more success.
  • How to EXPAND your reach far beyond your immediate warm market.
  • My secret sauce for constant Organic Network Expansion & Business Growth.
  • ... and more.

You will walk away from my coaching with MORE...

More confidence in your overall online presence.
More comfort with what you are posting (because it will feel AUTHENTIC!!)
More attention in the online space because your content will be unique to YOU.
More time to do the things in life that you enjoy (because you'll spend less time trying to figure out what to post and when to post it!!)

& lastly, but most importantly... 

MORE connected followers & committed clients,
because you will be ... 
attracting the RIGHT people to YOU. 
Can I get an "A-MEN" !?!?

I know what you're thinking.... 

"How do I get started building my Personal Brand ??"

Enroll in my 6 week "Balanced Branding Sales Boost Formula" Course TODAY ! That's how, beautiful you!
Balanced Branding Sales Boost Formula

Client Success Stories

& I want YOU to be my 
next success story!

"Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of those around you." 
-Robin Sharma
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